Monday, February 10, 2020

Medical School Application Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Medical School Application Question - Essay Example It is seen that the government has a lesser share than the private entities in the field of health care. Insurance policies have however been given out to individuals who are needy by the government from programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. If I had the opportunity to change the health care system of the United States I would firstly change the whole set up of the facilities provided. The government share in the health care facilities would be increased by me so that a monopoly is not created in the health care of United States. I would create hospitals which would be designed for the overall general public and not only for a particular segment. The health care professionals would be given such expertise by me that they would change the system as a whole. They would be given the expertise to research on certain diseases and would be given the charge of finding out the root cause of the disease. This way the health care in United States might find a breakthrough in decreasing the n umber of patients. Not only this, but several other health care facilities would be formed by me which would help to decrease the load of patients on a single hospital. The healthcare of the United States is proficient in spending as it is spending much more dollars on a person than any other healthcare in the world. The number of uninsured in the United States is much more than many countries as the percentage uninsured are almost 45%. The insurance policies issued in Canada are much more effective and funded by the government than those of the United States. It is seen that the insurance coverage of the United States is not as perfect as it should be but the new health care reform introduced by Barack Obama might prove to be a success for many uninsured individuals. The health facilities are not adequate enough yet in the United States to

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